Mid Sweden University

Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Mid Sweden University, 831 25 Östersund, Sweden

The Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) at Mid Sweden University is committed to conducting top quality research on risk, crisis, safety and security from a social and societal perspective. Since 2004 we have pursued excellence in research and education. Additionally, we have co-produced cutting edge knowledge and innovations with external partners. In 2017 we are launching the first Nordic simulation centre for crisis management, the RCR Crisis Lab.

RCR comprises about 20 researchers and 10 doctoral students from a wide range of disciplines including sociology, political science, computer science, engineering and law. Our extensive international network includes hundreds of partners and colleagues.

Learn more about the centre, the crisis lab and our bi-annual conference, the Åre Risk Event, at www.miun.se/rcr.

Mid Sweden University (MIUN) is a Swedish state university located in the geographical middle of the country with campuses in the cities of Östersund and Sundsvall. We create opportunities through openness, personal attention to our students, and diversity. Education has close connections to high quality research, the community of prospective employers, and community outreach.

MIUN employs about 1.000 people and educates more than 13.000 students annually. The university has many strategic international partnerships, both in general terms and in specific fields of research and education. Mobility and exchanges for teachers, researchers, administrative staff and students are important and the university welcomes visiting academic staff and the contribution they make to the degree programs and curriculum development.


 Mid Sweden University's Team Members


Dr Jörgen Sparf

Assistant Professor in Sociology
Department of Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Contact address: Mid Sweden University,
Department of Social Sciences, 831 25 Östersund Sweden


Jörgen Sparf, assistant professor in sociology, is a founding faculty member of the Risk and Crisis Research Centre at Mid Sweden University. His two main research interests are the conceptual and empirical study of social vulnerability and capacity, and organizational collaboration in crisis and disaster management. Jörgen’s theoretical interests revolve around trust and social resources as well as organization theory and social network analysis.

Jörgen has led a wide range of research project concerning resilience, organizational collaboration, marginalized groups, disabled people, risk perception, and the creation of knowledge. He has given speeches and presented his research in a large number of international conferences in Africa, Europe, Australia and North America and is recurrently engaged as expert in advisory boards, investigations, and juries. The latest addition being an assigned expert by the UNISDR in the implementation of the Sendai framework.

In the role of founder and director of the undergraduate risk- and crisis management program at Mid Sweden University Jörgen has an extensive experience of national and international industry collaborations. In 2014 the program was awarded a national distinction from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise for top quality and systematic collaboration with external partners. 


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